Overtime or wage disputes solved by an employment lawyer

An employee is eligible for getting overtime pay if he or she has worked more than 40 hours in a week. However, most companies ignore this rule and try to get as many hours as possible with their employees or workers. Only a few of the workers realize that they are being exploited and approach Toronto employment law firms to have justice. Most of the workers are not aware of this fact or they just simply accept this form of exploitation in fear of losing their jobs.

Common manipulations in Overtime pay

According to the observations of De Bousquet Toronto, there are three major types of scams or manipulations companies would employ to cheat the workers of their overtime pay.

  1. Misclassification – In any company or industry, the workers are classified into two groups – exempt workers and non-exempt workers. Non-exempt workers, if work for overtime, should receive overtime pay from the company without any regulations. However, some companies illegally place the name of a worker in the exempt list so that they don’t have to pay those extra wages. This is strictly against the rules and the worker can sue the company by the help of employment lawyers Toronto.

The common way to make an employee or worker illegible for overtime pay is to place them under the class of managerial employees or workers. But, in reality this is not the case and the company would save a lot of money by placing their workers in such positions without their notice.


  1. Chinese Overtime – The Chinese worksheet is for those workers who have fluctuating timings and their timings are noted so that a set target is met in order to pay them. This is not suitable for those who come to work on a regular basis. Toronto employment law firms explain that Chinese worksheets take average of the work hours and pay accordingly to the workers. This is in contrast to the workers who come to the work place on a fixed agreement.


  1. Calculating the work hours – This in another commonly manipulated factor that goes unnoticed by most of the workers. The income is changed based on the day and time at which the worker is working and it is calculated at the end of the week or month. Further, these calculations are revised every now and then, making it very difficult for the workers to understand what they are going to get. Many companies follow this policy and the workers think that it is fair, but it is not so and they can approach employment lawyers Toronto to deal with the problem.


  1. Company Policies – There are some really interesting company policies such as no payment during lunch breaks, no payment during training period, no payment for overtime, no payment for the time taken to put the gear on and off, etc. that seriously dent the number of hours worked by a worker. Such policies are against the law and the workers can retaliate against it as well.

These are some of the common manipulations that an employment lawyer can save the worker from. Further, the lawyer ensures that the worker will get his full wage and the compensation by the company for cheating him or her.

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The role of Brampton defense lawyer in Robbery Cases

One of the frequent and major contributors to the felony cases in the country is Robbery. They are categorized into three major types based on the type of robbery and the use of equipment for it. The charges and the judgment can vary depending on the purpose and vastness of the crime and to reduce the severity of judgment it is important to have a Toronto criminal defense lawyer to deal with the case. Below is the general yet essential information that an individual needs to know about robbery cases and how to deal with the lawyer.

Robbery types

There are many variations in a robbery, but there are three essential types which are considered during the trial or when placing charges on the individual. They are:

  1. Pick pocketing – This is the most general of the crimes, where an individual snatches an object like purse or any other property that doesn’t belong to him.


  1. Third degree felony – When the individual threatens the victim without the involvement of a weapon, then the court will consider the crime as a third degree felony. This could lead to 5-years of imprisonment or heavy fine.


  1. First degree felony – When an individual uses weapons or found in possession of them during the crime, the act is considered as a first degree felony. The case will intensify if the act involves breaking into a house or carjacking.

Apart from these there are a few major and many minor categories under robbery cases. These categories will be explained by a lawyer like Brian Ross Toronto, who understands the cases with perfection.

Outcome of the robbery

Robbery with the help of a weapon is next only to homicide in the law when it comes to the most serious offenses. However, a Toronto defense lawyer would emphasize on the fact that having a weapon need not be considered as using it and charging the individual in that basis is unlawful. Although, the act of possessing a weapon is a strong reason that can go against the individual, which can lead to severe judgment. There are ways to minimize the sentence and decrease the level of punishment.

Legal Help

An individual involved in robbery charges, should have an attorney to represent him in the case. This helps to build a strong defense and the Toronto criminal defense lawyer will also help to investigate the matter. However, finding the right lawyer is a bit of strenuous job and it requires reading reviews, asking friends, meeting lawyers with questions, etc. It takes time, but once the right lawyer with specialization on robbery cases is found, then the defendant will have high chances to reduce his sentence.

Building defense

The greatest advantage of hiring a Toronto defense lawyer is that he will work on the case and build a defense that will work for the client. An experienced lawyer will know about the case, how to investigate it and how to ensure the client is benefitted from it. Once the individual agrees to sign a lawyer, then he will take care of the rest and all that he expects from the individual is honesty.

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Lawyers Call for Cease of Transfer of Immigration Detainees to Jails

A group of 100 lawyers and legal scholars are calling for an immediate stop to the agreementthat allows transfer of immigration detainees to provincial jails. The agreement which wassignedin 2014 has since seen an extraordinary number of immigrants in immigration detention facilities thrown into provincial jails.

They have sent an open letter to the Ontario Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister, Yasir Naqvi, saying that the practice violates human rights. They pointed out that thereare no rules about the circumstances in which an immigrant detainee is transferred. There is no criterion for the selection of a detained. There are many detainees suffering from physical and mental health issues. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)says that it usually transfers detainees with high risks i.e. someone with criminal history, or someone who tried escaping or someone who is dangerous for other detainees. They also transfer detainees who they seem physically or mentally unfit to be kept in the facility.

Toronto criminal lawyers and lawyers from other parts of Ontario have asked for annulment of this agreement. One third of the 7,300 detainees were transferred in 2013 alone. They claim that the CBSA transfers detainees without any reason. So someone who is peacefully staying with their family in the immigration detention facility may be thrown into jail for no apparent reason.Looking for a criminal lawyer? Hershberg criminal lawyer is a Toronto criminal defense lawyer here for your defense.

They also say that it breaches their rights because the detainee is never informed about the transfer and, when transferred, is given no reason about it. They say that even if the immigration detainees are not getting proper medical treatment in their current centers, provincial jails are no better option either. In fact, they are not appropriate for them at all because they are not criminals. Prisons are for criminals, there is no justification whatsoever for putting an immigrant detainee behind bars.

Sometimes these detainees are put into solitary confinement which is an ordeal they do not deserve. These cells are for people who have been found guilty of serious criminal charges. It makes absolutely no sense why such a massive violation of rights is being openly carried out in a country that claims to have a high regard for human rights.

Some prominent lawyers have signed this letter including Anthony Navaneelan, who is lawyer at the refugee law office of Legal Aid Ontario and SamerMuscati, who serves as the director of the International Human Rights program at university of Toronto. The agreement has involved provincial government in the transfer of detainees and therefore this letter is aimed for Naqvi.

The letter points out some very compelling reasons to consider termination of the said agreement. Immigrant detainees must not be treated like criminals and those with mental health issues should either be treated in the same detention centers or taken to a third place. Jail is deemed unfit for their recovery, in fact, it might exacerbate their condition.

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Promotional Pens – Choosing the Right Pens For Your Business

Promotional products are simply one in all many ways wherein corporations market and promote their products and services, despite the fact that they are probably the best. they are one of the maximum fee effective methods of advertising, and can be used by length enterprise or agency. you could increase referrals with the aid of the usage of promotional products to encourage contemporary customers to refer a pal or colleague for your enterprise. it’s miles validated that businesses handing out promotional give-aways at an occasion normally attract greater humans than the ones corporations that do not. Promotional merchandise can help draw attention to your business enterprise at any event, and a custom promotional gift is an effective manner to demonstrate your enterprise’s professionalism. anything your audience, you will usually be able to find a product to suite.

Promotional pens are absolutely, the most popular type of promotional product used nowadays. maximum promotional present pens are display screen published in a single ink, though additional shades also are to be had. not like many different items, promotional pens are used nearly anywhere and have the ability to location your message very correctly. Promotional pens are regularly allotted at promotional indicates, meetings and symposiums and are used as mass marketing tools. The practical blessings furnished with the aid of promotional pens can raise your commercial enterprise in form of interesting approaches. one of the extremely appealing aspects of using promotional pens as a method of advertising and marketing and networking, is how easy it may be to “plant” them. they’re small in size and weight. consequently, they can be effortlessly carried to activities for distribution.

there are numerous brands of pens available, that can variety from low fee stick pens, thru to executive Swiss made pens or ones of a totally excessive quality and status. consider it or not, a few pens can cost thousands of pounds, despite the fact that this calibre of pen rarely sells within the daily promotional enterprise. the coolest factor approximately promotional pens is that you could actually get a few thousand pens for a surprisingly low sum of money. each this kind of pens act as an ad, which showcases your companies call to thousands of capability buyers. The reality that pens are used by pretty much all and sundry on a each day basis, makes them a number one preference when it comes to selling your organisation.

With the less expensive quit of the scale for promotional pens you could come up with the money for to go away them mendacity around. depending in your niche, you can leave them at events, banks, other groups places of work and close to enough anywhere else. people will discover them useful, and on the same time, you are making people aware about your enterprise.

The most inexpensive type of printed pens you may purchase are typically stick pens. those are simple pens with a separate cap. For a touch extra you could opt for a retractable pen which have a push down mechanism. those are a bit greater pricey but on the same time, a step up in first-rate and practicality. The high-quality things to do prior to buying your print pens, is to consider who your target market is. Are these going to be popular freebies, or are they going to particular humans. as soon as you’ve got that answer, it will likely be a great deal less complicated to pick the right type of promotional pens.

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Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Home Business

everyone who owns a home business knows the mission you need to economically get the word out approximately your services. even though home agencies typically have decrease overhead, in addition they typically generate smaller earnings than their formal small business and corporate cousins. Squeezing cash out of your backside line for marketing can reduce into your running charges and profit and in lots of instances simply is not a viable alternative.

So what is a home commercial enterprise owner to do? Even the pleasant ideas can fizzle out if no one is aware of approximately them. not advertising charges you cash. The secret’s placing a stability among effective advertising gear and no longer having to bypass grocery searching for the week so that it will pay for it. this is in which creativity is available in to play. the house business proprietor who can use the subsequent ideas to advertise his commercial enterprise and nevertheless maintain a healthy earnings margin:

* never go away domestic with out a stack of commercial enterprise cards. enterprise playing cards fee surprisingly little; even if professionally revealed. maintain your eyes open as you move about your daily business. you may discover that you often run throughout public bulletin boards in which you may tack up considered one of your enterprise playing cards. in case you are feeling bold, you can need to method local corporations that generate traffic that would be interested in your unique services. as long as you are not presenting offerings that would compete with that business, they’re regularly happy to assist you to go away a stack of your enterprise playing cards for his or her customers to assist themselves to.

* stock up on promotional presents. Promotional items are an cheaper manner to get your enterprise name circulated in public. Pens, mugs, golf balls or one in all hundreds of promotional objects which undergo your enterprise name and emblem will get you noticed through capability customers. select promotional presents that relate to your house business, including monogrammed water bottles or towels. Says one first-time home purchaser: “A fridge magnet become how we chose our realtor.” After floundering round inside the market on his personal for several weeks, a look at the fridge magnet handed out by using a neighborhood real estate agent caused the buyer to make a smartphone name to the variety on the magnet, which in the long run led to a home sale for that unique agent.

* turn out to be a member of your nearby Chamber of trade. joining your Chamber of trade lends credibility in your business and membership method that your business could be promoted inside your town. club requirements vary from locale to locale and it’s also properly really worth your money and time to analyze a Chamber membership. Plus, you’ll be aware of special deals, which include discounts at other neighborhood corporations, Chamber-subsidized networking luncheons, and extra.

* Take benefit of neighborhood alternate suggests. Many areas host regular host exchange suggests or different symposiums which characteristic a particular sector of enterprise that pertains to your house enterprise (i.e. boat suggests, car indicates, craft festivals, and so forth.) and allow public providers to set up shows selling their wares or offerings and selling their agencies. price for a sales space condo varies from venue to venue and show to show and might appear like a big expenditure but the publicity which you obtain will a long way outweigh the value.

* familiarize yourself with the numerous free marketing web sites on the net. The net is rife with free advertising possibilities, and even as it’s miles true that some of those websites generate little or no internet site visitors, even as others like Craig’s listing have received mainstream popularity. a bit little bit of net research may screen a few capability goldmines with regards to loose advertising and marketing.

The first-class home business possibilities can be made even higher with a few savvy marketing. And although it does require some time and effort to your element as a home commercial enterprise owner, you by no means recognise how your investment would possibly repay. like the realtor who made a sale because of a refrigerator magnet, you can thoroughly hit on a similar opportunity because you took the time to perform a little creative advertising without having to spend a number of money.

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Identifying Small Business Ideas Opportunity

wonderful business thoughts aren’t difficult to locate, however hard to peer, the ideas of enterprise constantly springs from one simple observation; human beings have to need some thing to do. this text propose the subsequent tips within the look for precise enterprise ideas:

1. keep Your Ears To The ground: where ever you will be constantly pay attention and look very well. hold the small picture firmly in mind. What a agency viewed as not anything more than a promotion might grow to be basis of enterprise.

2. Take every company You listen critically: The criticism, whether inside or out of doors; if work upon, may additionally grow to be the step forward you want. this is commercial enterprise thoughts for you. You taking superb movement on the criticism may also result in an invention which whilst introduce to others in business or for non-public use may additionally result in excellent income thru sales each year. The presence of rats and mice in america alone, a few years again resulted to tens of hundreds of thousands greenbacks in us economy. Rat and mice had been answerable for lots of jobs as many households had been supported from the income of exterminators of such pests.

3. await Your Boss To fireplace You; At times, as an worker, you might give you a option to your organization’s patron criticism. The organisation because of the years it’ll take or loss of foresight on their element to put in force it, might discourage the best thoughts. this could translate into windows of possibility for you. as soon as it will become so crystal clear for your mind what you need to do to translate your thoughts into accurate commercial enterprise simply take the threat and give up the process. large organisation employers do not every so often recognize what you have got seen, you have got the entrepreneur outlook to look past the modern sales move to what become going to take place in future.

four. anticipate all people Has The equal problem: you do have every human problem holds possibilities for a person willing to search for them. What you went thru to secure a key to success for your hassle would possibly spark a superb enterprise thoughts in you count on others have the equal trouble. Brainstorming the thoughts can also lead you to putting in a business that will clear up others humans problems.

five. Ask The right Questions: in case you ask human beings or customers the proper query about what commercial enterprise to go into or how to resolve certain issues, the answer can bubble up, slowing over time an ideas will start to take shape. it can emerge as in the areas of an pressing need to develops better products faster or higher packaging or a new line altogether.

6. scan history research file and market forecast: this could require you to be updated with exchange journals magazines etc.

7. Attend meetings, boards, symposium and trade indicates.

As already stated, the want to get small business ideas and the step you should follow, could want to be bendy and welcome new thoughts opportunity . this may assist in evolving your small commercial enterprise thoughts into an money making opportunity in no time a good way to sky rocket your incomes.
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